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10 May 2008 @ 06:41 pm
requests fic: "Fireworks" for define_serenity  
Title: Fireworks
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Doctor/Jack 
Prompt: Doctor/Jack, fluff
AN: for my love dhfan_serenity.  

They were running, as usual - for their lives, as usual - and the chances of getting captured were, as usual, greater than escaping whoever was pursuing them. Running and jumping, dodging bullets – not firing them – more running, trying not to fall and/or trip and whooping for joy when the Tardis came in sight.
Business as usual.
“You know,” Jack panted, leaning heavily against the control panel of the Tardis. “Tell me again, why this,” he dug into his pocket and proclaimed what he still insisted looked suspiciously like a metal penis (but that was usually where his mind went) and threw it at the Doctor, “couldn't just stay where it was.”
“Careful!” The Doctor deftly plucked the device out of the air, while pushing and pulling levers to get the Tardis in motion. “I told you, a rural society like that? With a nuclear charged transmitter? Someone's bound to start fumbling with it.”
Jack let out an exploding sigh. “And here I thought you were taking me somewhere nice for our first date... dinner, a movie, some fireworks; only to have you go steal one of those people's religious relics.” He put a hand over his heart. “I feel used.”
The Doctor gave him every bit of the sardonic look that comment deserved and studied the transmitter. “You'd rather I let it explode then? It would provide some rather spectacular light show.” He cocked his head. “With the slight snag of killing a whole village in the process.” 
Jack held up his hands in surrender. “Alright, I won't say anything then. Although,” He points a finger at the Doctor. “You could've mentioned that before you stole the thing. Something in the lines of 'We've only got four minutes to save to world because this thing will explode.' I would've added an extra sprint.”
“And spoil the fun?” The Doctor smirked. “And I thought you liked the chase.” Jack snorted.
They were quiet for a few moments when the Doctor focussed on the metal device. Jack settled on the pilot seat behind him and watched him work, letting his eyes wander over the monitor now hooked to the banana and the Doctor's long fingers handling it, utterly concentrated on his work.
Jack liked staring at the Doctor while he worked. Long lean frame bent over the console, pants clinging in all the right places, the occasional hand carding through his hair as the Doctor stretched and reviewed his work, messing the spiky strands even further. Yes, he definitely liked watching the Doctor work.
“When you're done staring at my arse, you mind lending me a hand?”
“I wasn't staring,” Jack countered too quickly, jumping out of the seat to stand next to the Time Lord to await instructions.
“Of course you were.” The Doctor moved aside and picked up the object. “Watch the screen and tell me of something changes in the readings.” He fumbled with the device, seemingly touching and pushing random spots.
And then something bleeped.
The readings on the monitor spiked and dropped back to normal. The Doctor raised an eyebrow and Jack shrugged.
A minute later the device bleeped again and a disk filled with little dots appeared on the screen of the monitor. A disk filled only three quarters and the spots were rhythmically decreasing. 
“Doctor, this thing is counting down,” Jack observed warily. Things counting down rarely meant anything good.
“Oh, that's not good.” The Doctor mumbled, whipping his head up to stare at the screen.
“What's not good?”
That is not good.” Another bleep when the spots on the disk had reached halfway. “Two minutes.”
“Till?” Jack's voice went up an octave.
“You mean, you armed this?” he squeaked.
“Well... yes.” The Doctor threw Jack the device when he rounded the console and frantically started pushing and pulling levers.
“Where're we going?” Jack held the device as far away as he could; staring at it like it was made of something nasty and contagious. He didn't dare to fumble with it. One, he had no idea what sort of technology this was and two, he'd rather not be blamed for blowing them up. He was much more comfortable with blaming the Doctor.
“I'm finding a place to let it explode.”
“You're telling me you can't fix it?”
“Well, I could,” he tilted his head to the side, “if I had four minutes.”
“You don't have four minutes.” Another bleep. “You don't even have a minute!”
“Exactly.” He pushed and pulled more levers, slammed the hammer on the console, and slowed the Tardis to a stop. “Alright, unhook the thing and place it on the transporter.” Jack almost threw the item on the designated plate and the object gradually faded into nothing when the Doctor flicked a switch.
They saw a white flash in a spot of empty space when the device went nuclear and blew up.
“Fireworks,” Jack muttered. “Big bang for something that small.”
“Well, you said you wanted fireworks for our first date,” the Doctor whispered in his ear, suddenly standing so close Jack could feel the breath ghosting over his skin.
Business as usual. 
kes: DW cybermen wheeemily_sheppard on May 11th, 2008 03:33 pm (UTC)
Oh, score for me then. *beams*

Thank you, my dahling.